Never buy a Sennheiser PC 350

Seriously, it's the worst price-quality ratio in the universe. If you buy a headset or headphone, you'd usually assume that it sounds either totally tinny if it's cheap, has more bass if something like "more bass" is written on the package or that it just sounds normal if nothing was specified otherwise. But in the case of the PC 350, it sounds like a cheap radio or cellphone speaker. When buying a >100€ headset, I'd assume that the sound is atleast normal and has no flaws compared to the really cheap stuff. But this one sounds artifically tinned and doesn't play ANY bass at all. Start Dead Island with normal headphones and you'll be greated by deep and warm bass sound that is important for feeling and surviving the game. With the PC 350 it's essentially nothing. Some high-frequency critters once in a while when hitting a car, but everything else is either totally silent or just not hearable. Those damn idiots, why would they put such a cheap sound into such an expensive headset? It doesn't whether it's comfortable or has a good microphone if the sound isn't atleast of normal quality.

If you want a headset for gaming, avoid this product. Get one from another produces, the PC 350 is simply NOT worth and you go better buying a seperate microphone. I'm more than disappointed by Sennheiser. It doesn't say that it's totally killing the bass. Bass at normal volume is the most important part of any game.

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