Ever checked your marks after a semester and compared them the whole list you've collected before? I gotta say that I'm quite surprised how comftable I'm with my marks right now. Seeing them all together makes me actually happy because they aren't as bad as I had in mind all the time. One can clearly see where I'm not to fond of: databases, business, certain math things and one fucked one exam in basics of informatics where we had to do sorting and compression algorithms by hand. Yes, by hand. I mean what idiot can only can honestly think of not just writing the algorithm once and looking it up later. Whatever. I was never into compression and all that sort of stuff. I'm also not fond of security and operating system bs. Too bad that threads and multitasking was considered a part of this failed exam. Guess it saved me from failing this one.

Anyway, I'm feeling reliefed. Something I didn't have for a few weeks.

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