Less playing, more watching

I noticed how much I long for new episodes by the few Let's Play-ers I'm watching on Youtube. I wouldn't do this if there'd be something interesting to play and nothing to program. I'm even watching those games I'd never play myself. In fact, game I want to play myself for some reason won't make it beyond the first two parts or so. That said, it's a channel for stuff I just want to see but not play. I've always had some sort of strange relation towards games and watching them like an everyday TV soap makes the whole situation sort of delicate. I mean presentation is what these developers put into their game and thus what they did to sell it. If there would be new games with gameplay I'd enjoy right now, I'd buy them. But everything is completely watchable - now I understand why certain companies want to prevent video game recordings on Youtube. Anyway, they forget that watching stuff online is read-only, non-interactive and bound the once captured quality. It's nothing like experiencing a game when playing it. Therefore, I'm having quite the fun watching those games I'd never play myself - I don't have spend my time with them.

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