Kingdoms of Amalur

I've been playing this game for a few days now and it's surprising that I even picked it up. Usually, I wouldn't have bought this since it looks like just another generic RPG in terms of gameplay. Anyway, a Let's Play of this made the whole thing very promising and I gave it a try, once again wasting a lot money. It does effectly copy from Skyrim and Fable, takes the rendering style of Torchlight combined with the architecture of World of Warcraft. In the beginning it was interesting how well this seemed to work together but doing side quests beside running through the main story is utterly boring. It's the stereotypical "fetch this, kill that" kind of quest you get there. I mean whatever the frame around it may be like, it's just about killing in the end and I kind of regret buying. What about some puzzle here and there? A nice story to round it up? Well, if there WERE story for these sidequests, it'd be much nicer. I don't purely judge a game from it's presentation but as the second most important point from the way how authentic the tasks are represented, how the game makes you feel compelled to do something - the motivation and implication. This is especially important for an RPG where everything's just the same dull mechanic (most of the time). It does fell that nice anymore, levels are just huge and scatter monsters so randomly that it simply doesn't matter where to go - it's almost always the same. If the fighting would be interesting enough to compensate it, but it's not.

If you do like dull, repetitive tasks with no motivation behind, where even the reward is so useless that nothing can motivate you to continue, something went completely wrong with. Even Borderlands can compensate it's silly base mechanic with awesome style, great humor, graphics and good-feeling shooting. But since everything in Kingdoms of Amalur is so generic, dull and non-rewarding in ANY way I can imagine, it would barely get 7 out of 10 points. This game doesn't motivate you to do any of it's task. I'd rather play Nethack or Unepic for this reason - Kingdoms of Amalur simply doesn't work out for me. Even if there's backstabbing and sneaking (which both are rather poorly implemented).

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