It's all so depressing

I took the whole day to find a better microphone for Let's Playing as well as a TV card to play my console games once again but the poor quality of available, payable microphones is just depressing. Really, I can't describe it differently. Well, it's not the sound quality - I can cope with that, it's the fact that most lowcost mics record everything including computer noise. And since my new mainboard my computer has become increasingly loader when playing 3D games. I can't change this and better microphones that have better recording characteristics just cost a lot of money as well as research into what is worthwhile. I mean I just want to record voice for commenting but everything you can get without looking too hard is either a headset with bad sound or microphones that record everything unwanted. I'm beaten, I don't want to waste anymore time on this. It makes me depressing to just this about it. However, atleast the TV card works. Simply composite capturing card with no fancy stuff or required software. Now I only need to find a player beeing to output in realtime and with sound. VLC does work but has a delay of about 2 seconds! Media Player Classis does show video in realtime but the sound is absent. These two things are so damn annoying to get right. All this stupid analogue-to-digital shit makes my cry inside. One of the reasons why I prefer to either do everything digital or analogue.

That sad, I'm once back in my old loop of manic programming, video comsumption and occasionally playing a new good game. And right now I have nothing interesting to play but Unepic. It's nice but also a bit unforgiving sometimes. However kept telling me that 2012 is full of new games that will come out should kneel right down before my feet to receive beating. I'm hope that Legend of Grimrock will be released soon, I'd like to play some nice alternative 3D game with oldschoolish interaction system.

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