Hooray, what an update

Whoooot, I was able to pull myself together and add the lasting bits of uploading my stuff here. I bet I forgot an important detail or something like that... Well, lincensing checked, readmes checked, images and previews checked, binaries checked. Seems everything's alright I presume! Soooo, yeah. Didn't "publish" anything program-like since a few years, wonder whether I'll find a format to be comftable with. I mean even a simple readme file has to formatted and designed in some way. Ok, ok - I cheated and didn't included very much (also left out much of the WIP documentation of ITK and IGE). But atleast I know what's next for Release 1. I dubbed it "Release 0" to illustrate the missing parts I yet have to fill with some proper material. I'm glad that a praxis oriented documentaton doesn't need to cover all the scientific pros and cons like I'd discuss them in my bachelor thesis. All in all I wonder how I'll manage this. Hm, still have to write my application and hope that I'll get an internship there. I won't rely on this to work - just hope that I can find another studio in case of rejection. But I'm optimistic at this one! I mean what else but concentration on certain aspects of game programming can be expected from a student applying for a internship in a video game studio. Sure would've loved to have a game done before going this way. Fate's not always to be planned with wishes in mind.

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