I don't know why but I still get the segmentation fault when using my new hash module. I don't understand this, there must be some reason why the debug systems fails with too many nested debug calls. It's not that I'm using twice (and if I said so before: I was wrong), I'm always properly unlocking everything and so on, there's no false use of it. Well, atleast that's my knowledge right now. Wouldn't surprise if there is a small mistake creating all that. Hm, that's really difficult. The more I debug in a specific functions, the more often segfaults happen. This means that it has to do with when a threads comes in there. I take away the debug messages from a few functions but the closer I come to the most nested on, the more it will solve or create problems. I can't find any evidence about my system beeing wrong since it works totally fine just without these two functions doing debug output! I'm doing random code checks right now - it's a very weird bug.

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