Wow. I didn't except to be able to reproduce the freeze problem with my ressource manager. Apparently, I've chosen some false of this function and it behaved exactly like during the previous freezes. Used with care, this system makes it possible to have 1000 threads managing their parallel access with a simple need/dont_need scheme, waiting for them to be done and so on within around 50 ms I'd say. Sure, you won't want to use that many threads, but I'm really glad that it also works properly for so many. Also, I couldn't find any errors or false - I assume it's done!

Soooo, all I'll have to do now is to create the actual engine on top of. The convenience layer that will take of false function and memory allocation. For this part I'll switch to dynamic memory allocation because there will a lot of memory to allocate - more than I'd call easy to use. The thing would be to just choose a few parameters and be done with it. Yeah, I'm looking forward to designing some convenience stuff! Awww, great. Finally. I was looking forward to this! And now the time has come. Woohoo!

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