I'm currently ITK's modules, functions and macros and think that I'll remove a bunch of thingies that should not be included in ITK since they don't quite match the game dev toolkit theme. I'm probably gonna create a seperate toolkit for more memory-related topics and so on. I don't really use memory functions at all - created them for fun and cause I wanted to - nothing else. Also, it's usually better to insert a simple array copy loop than a random memory move function. I'll also need to overhaul the collision with some more appropriate macros for subtracting range from each other, implement macros that work more like vector operations or so. However, this is stuff for a release after I finished all documentation for release 0, ultimately creating release 1.

Oh and as a more surprising event of today, Sennheiser finally moved their asses and send my money back. I can assure that after this product torture, I'll always buy hardware in local shops to never have the problem of needing send stuff back.

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