Display Lists

Did some quite clever sorting stuff with my graphics engine. I really have to say that I love the concept of Flash's display list concept. It makes a great tech one can still and pimp with his own extensions. I guess I won't even need any sorting for the display list filling I'm using for my raytracer. Whatever. I'm pretty glad that I did not stop working on it, did not choose to start another project, and, most importantly, went through the whole process of getting expertise in C/C++, generalization, optimization and programming in general. I didn't do anything productive in this time but it pays off more than I ever imagined before. Some things just take time and impatience never was a strength of mine. Oh and the hard work of getting the perfect linked list done was more worthwhole than than most other parts of my toolkit. It's so easy to manage and iterate lists with it. I don't need iterators, I don't need to catch special cases - so far, no algorithm I've used in my toolkit had so to special handling of empty lists or so. That's quite a rarity I can tell you. I'm really glad about my progress right now. There's nothing more rewarding than the knowledge of having done the right thing in the past.

Back to the topic, this display list is totally expandable for more powerful, future graphics displays. I'm not quite sure whether I can combine this z-axis model with 3D but I guess that will be some interesting solution to this. I can't wait to see it becoming something more and more powerful! But for now, this system should fulfill everything I'd ever need for my ASCII raytracer. Did I say I like catchy three character long abbreviations for modules and libraries. ITK as the Imperial Toolkit does also type nicely. My graphics engine is named IGE - Imperial Graphics Engine. But since the ASCII raytracer is something more specific, non-imperialistic in nature, I came up with an ironically fitting name: ART, ASCII raytracer. Yeah, I know. Not very creative but I like the implication behind it.

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