Code and projects

Most of my time I spend on programming stuff for my own video games, thinking about certain problems and appropriate solutions. Over time I found my way into focussing on a single game idea on which I've been working on almost exclusively since. However, I still did games for study projects or just their graphical parts. Some of them resulted in very nice projects in the end but most vanished in the depths of oblivion. Due to my everlasting quest for getting better and shaving off those projects not meeting my standards anymore, I have only a few things to show in here I wouldn't be totally ashame off (demos and last-minute codes excluded). I'm also having a crush on everything that's related to programming cleaner and more efficient. Therefore, I don't always choose to use common approaches and try to find my own way with more custom code than required to just get it done. Let's call it a perfectionist's way of not getting mad over existing libraries - if the time allows it.

Everything here is released under a Modified BSD License, so that anyone who might want to take advantage of it is free to do so. After all, nobody profits from stuff rotting away on my harddisk - I'd be glad to help someone with my own code.

Graphical demos
  • OpenGL crane
  • OpenGL chess
  • IGE atom

  • Imperial Toolkit
  • Imperial Graphics Engine

  • ASCII raytracer
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