Almost done

I'm almost done collecting and compiling all the stuff that's "show-off-able" in it's current and there'll be a blog section the next days. This will also be the very moment where I'm releasing a barely documented version of ITK and IGE under a Modified BSD license (as well as the other stuff as fare as possible). I noticed how I hate theses tiny bits of developing: getting stuff to the public, doing a doubly-covering readme, thinking about to leave enough informations for those who didn't directly download it from my blog and so on. A lot of small things to think about and the most annoying is to compile SDL and OpenGL stuff under Windows. Well, it's not actually annoying but just not as comftable as under Linux. There's no system-wide include directiory, no central library management and so on. Everything graphics-related under Windows and MinGW requires a dozen of linked libraries and the most comftable IDE to me is still Dev C++ for such stuff. I tried to compile my stuff under Visual Studio but for some reason I could only properly combine OpenGL with C but not C++. So, to shorten the whole process, Dev C++ work almost perfectly after a bit of tweaking. Well, can't expect everything to go smooth with this IDE, eh? I wonder whether all more or less running video game studios use Visual Studio or if there are some completely defying it, using other stuff.

So yeah, the big day has come! Not today but soon enough. And I wonder whether this is enough for one of the local game studios to let me do an internship. I mean I am and always were more of a behind-the-scenes dude having little visual output except for a few fully planned things. Well, let's see where this is going. Atleast I got some purdy pictures-

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