Yay, it works

Yay, exactly what the title says. My thread manager with pause/resume function works! It's wondrous how easily it went today and I'm glad I took some time the last days to do something else. That dude from Coding Horror ones expressed that sort of thing as "sharpening your sword", which's maybe what I did today (watching movies and building Legos is always good). So where do I begin? Firstly, my new debug toys are so damn useful. Couldn't have it without them and I'm really appreciating that sort of output I do have right now. First of all, I wrote about 400 lines of code without debugging and compiling, so I knew this would be some sort of syntax fixing for a few minutes. Meanwhile I corrected half of the code with the mutex/qmutex/thread seperation, added some useful functions and did my first test run. I only had 2 segfaults due to forgotten pointers and all other problems where wrongly passed qmutex and a deadlock I logically fixed with another necessary mutex. After that, initializing, binding, starting, waiting, pausing and resuming work fine! And without all the CPU hunger I feared in the first place. The only thing requiring high CPU is the thread manager debug output while polling! Exactly what I wanted, only CPU use for this very short time. However, I did not yet test a few special situations but I'm confident since my test scenarios went correct when I went throug them. Awesome to see this going on and working. I think I can be proud on myself. Something that's worthy to have in a bachelor thesis. So what's next is some more testing of potentially happening scenerios and building it into the tasker and ressource manager. I also started documenting my code a bit and it makes no sense to keep several nice-to-have but never-of-use modules, which I refuse do document until I really need them.

So yeah, successful test scenario! What a great result. Im beginning to become good at this. I also finished a multithreaded Erlang assignment in a few minutes for which I'm still having three weeks ago. The only thing that took time was to explain the program to my fellow students... So I guess I'm good enough to create such stuff rather quickly. Feels good becoming better, improving your ability the think in that matter. And I'm more often aware of my love for night work. It's completely dark, no distraction but full concentration on you and your problem. I don't get this during daytime, you know. Must be some sort of phase shift I got the last months.

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