when I say "I can" it doesn't mean it'll be fast

I had a length session of explaining some of my fellow students how to realize Prolog programs in general and on thing that really pisses me off is when students get nervous about their exams and then blame you for not telling them exactly what they want. It's like they're expecting a guru telling and explaining them everything at the same time. For example, creating and explaining a 3x3 magic square solver in Prolog is easy but telling them how the generic variant works is a bit more to tell and to program, especially in Prolog. Am I'm by far not someone having experience in writing Prolog, I just know how problems would be solved by defining rules. But even if all that wouldn't bother, they didn't even understand the approach I'm trying to explain them, no. Instead I get stupid urging talkage behind me stating that I shouldn't say I can do it if it's takes time or something like that. Some students just don't have the patience and ability to just listen and understand. I mean I like those guys, but it's just nothing I'd do again if they start stuff like that.

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