thread manager tests

Did two more tests with threads waiting on dead/non-pausing threads as well as resuming resuming threads. Worked quite well, the only "problem" is that resuming a dead thread will of course continue the thread (which's a good thing) but without informing about why is wasn't a real resume. There isn't even a mechanic to decide between a dead or a running thread and I doubt I'll have used of that. Anyway, one should careful read my documentation when using it - should everyone one let know of possible behaviours. Combined with a thread-safe state machine, this could prevent any bad thing from happening. I'm really confused about it's seeming effectiveness. So I have no more excuse no not make the tasker and thread manager work. I could also drop that and try fixing my desktop PC with a newly arrived mainboard but I think I'll do this monday and leave the weekend for either work on my project or some more Legoing.

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