Thoughts about TNT cannons in Minecraft

I had nice evening this New Year thingie with lots of explodin colors and an inspiring fireworks background sound while experiment with TNT cannons in Minecraft. I added sticky pistons to alter the trajectory of the flying tnt, more fine-grain delay control and so on. So far, there two adjustable height where an additional setup will give a special case for high trajectories, making them even higher via a simple half-block elevation trick. Thats all nice but when adding a second and after that a third layer of TNT for the load, I noticed that three TNT on one place will blast the barrel and alter the trajectory. I suspect the trigger moment having a tiny tine gap between blasts in which the TNT entities move forward. for two TNT layer, it'd fine cause there not much of chaining and moving each other. The third layer brings more delays and thus the possibility to NOT explode in water, jumping a bit up. That's not desirable, but two layers are so awesomly enough to reach so damn far away, I don't think a third layer is necessary. I'm also thinking about some sort of multi-projectile design with dynamite-triggers below or above the barrels for slimmer design. Guess what I'm doing right now.

Great how this stuff keeps me going from time to time. And there's still the opportunity to add a magazine, which I can now create in a probably more well-designed way. Excitement! This cannon must be the death on all PVP servers.

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