I'm so eager to play Terraria. I've been watching a Let's Play Together for a quite while now and I'm even more eager to play than in my previous Terraria post. It's one of those games that only reveal their full potential after you've played it for a while it seems. I'd even call it hot right now cause I'm having a some sort withdrawal related to not beeing able to play something. It's not that I can't get around with it (most because I'm having a programming goal right now), but it gives a lot of energy and satisfaction to do so. It simply makes me happy. And my only source of happiness right is the success of module test or watching entertaining Let's Play's as well as Sinfest of course. But that's all not comparable to the full joy of joy of playing a game together with another human. Or an NPC. Or even beeing able to fluidly run around in Minecraft. However, I'd love to play Terraria with my friends. Compared to Minecraft you won't run out of challenges due to it's extremely long way up and down and many more monsters, ores, items and traps inbetween. I wanna play it right now! Gonna install Windows before that, though...

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