I've been watching a Terraria speedrun for a while now and have to say that I feel urged to play it. Not that I need to buy it - I've bought my game a while ago but didn't find it as entertaining. However, one of my fellow students is playing it right now and promised to give some sort of proper introduction and explanation about the mechanics goin on there and so on. Al in all, I can't say that I'm more intrigued by Terraria than by Minecraft. Minecraft has mechanics and simulation where Teraria only seems to have fighting and building. The only thing I really love is the use of lightning and the fluid dynamics. Fluids are ridiculous in Minecraft, awesome in Terraria. It simply applies a few rules to each water tile and what you get is wonderfully beautiful to look at and play with. I guess I'll have more fun killing monsters and surviving in Terraria than in ;inecraft. Due to it's 2D graphics, fights are less of a surprise compared to Minecraft - one can see all over the place. I'd like to appreciate the playing of it. Those liquids are too cool for not doing so.

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