Some more thoughts about Skyrim and conjuration

Today I started Skyrim out of total randomness and played around 16 levels or so and simply can't get this conjuration stuff out of my head. Right now I'm playing a stripped-down version of my very first character with focus on more magicka and sneaking: heavy armor, destruction magic, bow for physicals damage and sneaking plus some bit of smithing to get a decent armor set. I've put points into life every third level and dropped stamina completely. I do have quite a lot of mana now and it has useful effects to combine multiple elements together depending on the foe you're facing. Melee characters can be frozen and stamina-drained with a small ice blast and killed with powerful projectiled spell on the other hand. For mages the tactic goes but with electrification. This works well so far but I've already started to use smithing to often and I think the best thing is to just ignore until everything else is maxed in terms of potential damage. And I also have enough mana this time! But still, I'm once again thinking about conjuration. I can remember from my last character that an extremely offensive build did work quite well but the mage armor was a problem in close-quarter combat and damage receiving in general. To avoid this, heavy or light armor is the way to go. However, there's still the problem that conjured weapons will never deal to damage one can get with smithed weapons (I read something a third of the smithed/improved versions). I wasn't quite able to get a better damage output for my last conjurer but I think that was rather related to me beeing unable to get damage and not having upgraded fighting skills. I still believe in the power of dualwielding, but it takes too much stamina for a character needing mana for casting as well as life to survive. Additionally, the shortcuts for spell/item selection are a pain too switch when needing to conjure two weapons at once. Dualcast equipped mage armor, dualwield conjure sword, dualcast sword, start fighting until spell or mana runs out. Quite annoying to cast all the time and you also need to conjure a creature or two in time to support your weak armor/life. So my new idea is to use an armor from the beginning on (heavy armor once again, gives best protection in the whole game), use mage armor for limited but additional support and use a conjured battle-axe that requires only one hand to cast. The idea is to shorten the fight readying with only mage armor and the bound axe, casting mage armor a bit earlier and then having axe and armor ready to go. Not using smithing but mage armor for additional protection give a similar affect, though not as awesome as completely upgraded dragon armor or so. So we have two-hand specialization, alteration, heavy armor and conjuration. Sneaking or archery is no viable options since we'll need to more skill trees and conjuring weapons is just too load. Sure, we could use illusion to bridge that, but this will require even more skill trees and the whole reason for fighting with sword and armor would be gone. I was never a fan of illusion and only used sneaking for bow kills - even in Oblivion. I was never able to get close to enemies and still prefer to take them from a distance or up-close right in the face. Four specializations is the best way to get through Skyrim without feeling weak I think. Personally, my problem is that I can't leave any chest (increases lockpicking) or not sell any stuff I find (increases speech). Thus, I'm often stuff with a mixed character with experience in stuff I don't really put spells into. This could work for skill trees with few multi-tier upgrades (like Destruction or alteration) but not really for fighting trees or even alchemy. These requires so many points, it's hard for me to not level up with speech and lockpicking. I also don't get any advantage of it. Money is quick to get and locks are picked equally quick. I've never spend points in these two trees cause I just don't need to (yeah, I'm that badass, I can pick master locks with no needed skills... seriously, it's very easy once you get a feeling for it - just like in Oblivion). So it's a bit tricky. I might consider resetting everything once again. I feel bad for having screwed my character with two levels completely made of powersmithing. My bow makes more damage than my spells, this is no good thing I say you.

Also, I want to get a better microphone to do some sort of Let's Play. Don't know whether I'll do in German or English, really not sure. Since I'm blogging in English all the time, this would of course be a valid reason to make the Let's Play English, too, but it's not exactly the easiest thing. I'm not too used to speaking English, I just got used to consuming it in every possible way I could right now imagine but did not do any actual mouth-to-heard practicing.

Anyway, if I'm ding this Let's Play thing I'm probably gonna try my conjuration character. I'd like to finally have one beeing able to bash the hell out of others while beeing quite the tank. With some companion and conjurations, this should be boss for most boss piles.

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