Some games are made for watching

Not exactly, but I noticed that the more I'm watching videos of a game I did not find completely suitable in the beginning, the more I find it entertaining to watch players having their different experiences with it. That's especially the case for games that are exciting to watch in gameplay, like Demon's Souls or or successor Dark Souls for example. Sometimes I'd like to play it - the sudden urge for trying out a few on my own - but most of the time I know that I'll have trouble with games that don't suck me in right from the very first moment I saw them animated. And, to stick with this game, Dark Souls is one of these very games that are highly interesting to watch but don't try to at least motivate me to play them. And I should be thankful for that! Because it means that I'll always something to watch if I want to. Finding good Let's Play's or even Let's Play-ers is very hard on Youtube, you know. Additionally, playing a game requires active time investment and drains the entertainment factor cause one will always think in terms of a player and not a watcher. I can't exactly explain it but it works for me. I longed for more parts of a Terraria Let's Play before I started playing it on my own. That simply reduced after that and it's a bit sad I think. However, the "long-term investment" of actually playing it was quite worth it since the game is forgiven enough to let me have fun with it. That said, I'm sure that I'll not try to play Dark Souls unless it's for PC one day and available via Steam as well as not too expensive. So if all three things come together, there might be a moment where I buy it to have a bit of fun.

But well, there are many more games that give me fun more instant. And they don't let me die all the time.

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