smokin' SATA chip

Dammit, my desktop PC broke. Well, not the whole PC but it seems that the SATA chip is malfunctioning and I can't get any CD or even harddrive running. Guarantee already expired, so I need to get a new motherboard. Alternatively, I could compensate the loss with a PCI SATA CARD, but I'm not sure if this will work good enough cause it'd effectively block and graphics card cooling. So it's best to buy a new reliable board and reuse the oter components. I'll get a USB to SATA converter meanwhile to get my data back. Anyway, I wanted to setup a new system on it, so I can also get a networked-attached storage, move data there and use the old harddrive for the running system with all game data and so on. Will be quite some money to pay but in the end it'll work more safe than it was before. I'm glad I use my very reliable laptop for programming and all important work-related data. Otherwise I'd have a lot of problems right now.

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