Redstone sequencer

Oh man, this is so annoying. Though I had initial joy when discovering a relative small synthesizer model that's quite extendable, I wanted to have it smaller, too. So it tried and mixed and build and ALL THE FUCKING time redstone has only side effects. I don't know whose idiotic idea was to decide that redstone automatically chooses the direction it fits most, but that one must be a huge fucking, disgustingly shitfacing moron. It's so damn little to code something redstone and they simply didn't get it right. So either way I'll end up with a monster and I don't that's worth doing. Unless someone wants to have a monster. Not for me, thanks. The whole would be so small and effective with some simple logic gates but no, they don't want to include them. Geez, every block has a right click action, redstone should be able to change it's power directing and all other gates could be placed in the same fashion as pistons. Seriously, this games needs more than a dentist. It's needs new organs.

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