On the watch

My event system seems to work! Woopeedoo! Atleast my test worked as expected. The event code itself is so somewhat exactly like the the qmutex API. It only differs in an additional event data setting, so that I code make a pure macro variant out of it. This should definitely be enough to get my ressource manager properly working. And I'm ready for even more perverted threading stuff, if I'll ever need more than my tasker and ressource manager system. I wouldn't say this event system is comftable to use. One needs to initialize the event. the qmutexes one wants to use and bind the event to a single thread. Each event must be bound to a thread and will fire all the time one is waiting on it if there's no thread bound to it. I know this is sort of off, but the system can't work differently. And I won't even try to make it somehow "safe" cause nobody's checking all return values by hand, not even me. So, I do deem it done for now and get the portion of sleep I really need. It's 6:43 AM in here and I can't stay awake anymore.

I feel so satisfied right now. Didn't have this feeling since... um. I don't know? Since a while. I'm getting closer. So much closer. I'll be able to get my engine to work in time and so on. Finally, I've been looking forward to this. I don't think anyone but me will understand this at the moment. Took me so much time to reach all these things. Oh geez, it's already 7:00 AM, really gotta go to bed.

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