Offline Repost

At first beeing annoyed about the fact I tried mutexing printf operation but noticing that file calls are, atleast when using glibc, already threadsafe, I then found a neat solution for using variadic parameters in macros/printf but still having string pre and postfixed. I actually never use implicit constant string concatenation, so I'm glad I found it in the GCC manual. However, it will still not guarantee that message will get there in the right order. And my qmutex system requires a sync object in any case, just like all locking mechanics do. Simply adding the current time infront is too inaccurate with SDL's millisecond accuracy. Shame! I could of course demand the user to create synchronization objects, but this is the same as writing a log in terms of overall using. So I'll stick with thread and status messages. I hope I'll be able to debug this way. I'd like to get this shit working.

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