Offline repost #1

After this draining Minecraft session end I took the freedom the cut my usual 8 hours or sleep to 4 hours and work on my ressource manager again. Debugging your own, controlled code is way more possible than trying to get something out of this redstone engine. Anyway, my test went fine with a single process wanting to stream stuff after some bug fixes and I'm now ready to created a multi-threaded test scenario. I'm very excited about this because it already worked with a single accessing thread and that did so far always signal that more threads are fine, too. It works as parallel as expected and I believe that further will be successful, too. It doesn't say anything about what will actually happen then, but well, I'm so damn certain right now, nothing visible happened in my project for a long time. So if this works out fine, I only need a few things and can start doing stuff one would usually except from game programming. And I'll have an awesome tool that's not only useful for loading stuff from files but everything that does involvement two ordered operations with a random amount of use inbetween. Generated data, internet connections, texture uploads, network-streamed data and so on. I'm very happy to call this my creation. Oh my, I shouldn't start praising before I don't know the next test results. However, it already makes me very happy and can already be used in a normally single-core game engine. Excitement!

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