No Terraria yet, but some bits about my bachelor project

I'd love to have a prof that does actually care about the topic I'm working on. And since it's my game engine and the associated game, it'd be quite beneficial if he'd atleast be into some bits of game programming or graphics or sound. However, my multimedia prof takes the "multimedia" term quite classic in terms of how to store, stream and play audio and video content. Thus, he wasn't really happy when listening to the topic I've chosen and it sounded rather disappointed about it cause it's not as multimedia as I think it is (and let's be honest, where else would a focus on overall game tech fit better than there). Well, I could try finding a game design/interaction design prof, but those would definitely not care about the tech behind or so. So I've decided to make the topic a multithreaded/streaming-focussed engine/framework for simulations and games. That is a good fit I think and will way better be a topic for the system/multithreading prof I know from a few semesters before. I'll create an expose of it and explain him the problems I have categorizing it and hopefully he will accept. He's a good prof in his area I think, but also a bit strange. He does seemingly never focus anyone with his eyes when speaking, due some of eye/lens problem I think. Dunno. Strange dude but very competent in his area. Therefore, I hope he's willing support my thesis and help with a few problems I might have in time.

Speaking of that, I've managed to update all files with the new thread system and am currently catching some bugs. Continuing waiting threads seems to work flawless with fast enough done task to possibly miss signals as well as with those of very long execution time. The only problem left is the correct ending of a paused tasker. For some reason the tasker will sometimes not end, though resumed and ordered to end in one sitting. Also, I've tracked down a bug to point where I know it's null pointer. But even after I've apparently fixed it, there are more coming up and it sounds like just false pointers to me. I'll track them down, all of them. Die, bug!

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