New Mainboard

Hooray! I did successfully install my new mainboard and now I'm having a Desktop PC ready-to-rock, I just a need a 64bit Windows 7 version. So, in essence, I'll get it from somewhere and copy all my harddrive data to my laptop. It's amazing how fast my USB/SATA converter is. It takes not as much time as copying directly on the Windows PC I used. I believe this has to do with a) copying it on Linux right now and b) that I'm sort getting a certain boost with 64bit system (which I'm not 100% sure of as you might be able to guess). This means that I can now let all the stuff copy and continue coding. I had to change a bit more I guess (incredible how complex the strings between almost all of my modules become), but I'm almost there to test and verify full functionality of it. If that's done I'll finish an assignment I still have to do until thursday and work on some sort of expose, comment to full code and upload it under a license to have something to "fish" companies when applying for an internship. However, I'm not exactly sure what they expect to see then. There's a certain studio I'd like to get my internship from and they expect me to have "worked on a game project" in any way (they didn't really mention in what way). Well, I mean I can actually list some stuff. Some very, very old games from Blitzbasic/Purebasic times, I made music for "Das P├╝zzelchen", also worked on the graphical part of a JavaME game, created a simple chess renderer/animator in OpenGL for a 3D chess viewer and so on. And I've created several graphics demos (including my own ASCII renderer) and am working on my game right now. I think that's enough to clarify that I DID work on games or game-related stuff, though I really didn't completely finish a game due to my rising perfection madness in terms of output. So I shouldn't hide, I know the drill.

Oh man, that was confident. Didn't expect that from me!

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