New Categories

I was thinking about a recategorization of future blog entries. Point is that I'm currently clicking a bunch of tags for each post without actually categorizing it. So it's almost always a impossible to say one post is about this the other one about that. I mean who cares whether I found something awesome or if that's part of my elementary precept. In the early days of my blog I cared, but now the perfectionist in me wants to categorize stuff exactly, which's hard with so many but inaccurate tags. So I believe it's a better idea to find some new categories. However, I'd like to keep all the post I did here but somehow put them under a seperate link in the menu or so. But hm... is it a good idea anyway? I mean the concept working fine so far and maybe I'm just going through some sort of redesign mode today. Another reason for why it's not that much of a good idea is I'm linking to this address from everywhere and I can't remember all the places I linked it. Even if I continue what I did on my previous blog (linking to the new one), it'll result in some sort of stray content. Well, since I'll probably never do anything else than blogging about random computer geek stuff almost all the time related to vdeo games, I'll have no need for a real website. And the idea about publishing my toolkit or engine or whatever it is now became more and useless to me if I don't have a proper documentation of it. This takes time, I don't have the time right now because I want it's functionality to increase and form something like a demo to show off my abilities to get an internship I want and so on. All in all it makes it rather useless to form something new right now but I'll eventually do it one day.

And I also didn't make a photo series of my latest Lego gun. I know I said I wanted to post it here but I can't motivate myself to do any off-showing here. Everytime I do something else that's not working on my engine is kind of like deliberately ignoring a danger to my very life. It's more important to me finish this as quick and good as possible than doing something I mentioned to do in the past. This doesn't mean I don't do my more important study work or other way more important stuff, but it's my next most important after all that to atleast have something o show the folks I'll be working with. I don't know anything about what studio I'll be able to get in or if they even want me to have something like that done, so I better prepare myself to be able to do many of those challenges facing videogame programmers.

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