Magazin cannon

Yay, I did it using sticky pistons and the fact that dynamite near water-exploded dynamites won't explode! This does effectly converted every non-ignited dynamic into a barrel part and you can simply use the pistons to push a new load when it's empty. So it's more like a repeating cannon. One still has to push the loading levers in the right before everything blows up. However, I guess this can be solved with a cleverly arranged memory cells, though this will require a lot of room to do so. The current model has only one TNT layer. Adding a second layer won't work, it'd rather sploosh the magazine and thus the whole gun if not completely made of obsidian. But there's another way by loading the magazine with single layers and then pushing them into stacks, thus effectively needing a new cycle for each added layer. Too bad it's quite late here and I don't want to not get some sleep...

However, it's totally awesome. Maybe I should upload the map somewhere so that others can use them on PVP servers or so. though I should make this whole thing way smaller.

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