The manager's gauntlet

I'm in a bit of an hardcore coding session right now, but my concentration starts to reduce. I noticed a few unclear combination of functions running parallely and decided to write the whole interface in a way that one will at first set up the thread manager and then init all threads that one wants to run with this thread manager. The manager doesn't keep keep track of it's threads but locks on pause mutexes. The threads themselfs know their manager and use it for pause operations with a lot of thread-related qmutexes, so it's very important that threads to that threads handle each other carefully - this is especially important when killing each other. It's not as complex as my tasker/ressource manager system, but still no to underestimate. I've used some sort of mutex-based polling mechanic which's able to either work with no delays (when stuff's getting busy with a lot of thread control request (requiring high performance) or with a custom delay after getting no requests n times or so. So it's atleast adjustable and I think I can life with that. Not that ressource loading suffers from a 1 ms delay or so.

I feel kind of out-of-power right now. Didn't work that frenetic on something for a longer while. I usually have quite some delay between coding sessions cause I got a dead end or so, but this time there do not seem to be so many, so I guess it's good. Anyway, I do know me and my way of depleating my motivation. I shouldn't work too long on it tomorrow (which's actually today) and do something else. I'm found some very inspirating things on Wikipedia about gauntlets and gloves used in hand-to-hand fights and I think want to create on using Lego. Sme sort of armored glove with talon for each finger, movable plates and so on. For flexibility reasons I'll probably use a soft, buffering cloth for the inlay, an inflexible plate or frame around the wrist and the back of the hand (preferably with a lock to fit it properly). Not sure whether I want to use the wrist piece combined some with some "thimbles" for the talons or throw in some slings to hold all in place. In any case, I won't let the fingers joints bend over the hand's back, so I can entirely focus on an armored, plated layout. Hm, for flexibility's sake, I'll probably make the thimble not completey cover each finger but only the sides not adjacent to other figures. Means you'll the full armor when forming a fist but still enough flexibility to move fingers individually. If this doesn't work out I can still do some claw-type weapon out of it. Those look cool, too.

Gonna get some sleep for today. Five hours is definitely not enough for regular sleeping.

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