I'm doing a bit of bugfixing for my engine right now and I'm far enough to only have one anomaly left: sometimes the lock object for the thread manager will kind of freeze and stop every accessing function as well as the manager itself to to anything. It seems to happen when unbinding a thread from it's manager, so that's the part to debug I guess. However, I realize how useful it would be to have all return values from my function return/condition system (and maybe the state stuff, too) inside the debug output will less stuff to write. I have to define a debug variable, a parameter condition and enter/exit log message all the time. I could put it all into the parameter condition and the function return. That would do the same as well as freeing me from typing it all the type. It'd also cover a significant amount of function call I don't always extend from debug messages. Some #define statements for per-module adjustment and everything should just work out fine. But that's the next after I fixed this last bug. Don't want to overhaul something doesn't work totally correctly.

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