I hate hardware

After the success I've had with my programm stuff, I've decided to give my desktop PC another and finally install an OS to play some games. You know what? It gave me a fucking bluescreen. I tried Windows and Linux installers, I ran memory and harddisk test, I tried tryed playing with the BIOS settings - nothing. There are a lot forum posts on the internets directly indicating that this is normal by this board and that my purchase was a total failure. However, I can't get another board supporting my old hardware and I'd therefore buy completely new hardware. Try getting a proper, unused board for am AM2 socket with DDR2 and PCI Express. I'm not into a dozen of online shops and don't want do so just to maybe get something. A friend mentioned some realiable shops to me and I think I'll either give them a try or ask him to help me assembling a new system. This is exactly the part I hoped not to happen. I'll need need a new processor, new RAM and a new mainboard. Atleast I can keep my graphics card and my harddrive. *sigh* Hardware really helps me. I'd always prefer having a system that'll work more than just 2 years, but that exclude an up-to-date graphics card I can run my games with Fuck it! Now I'm stuck with programming and watching videos. Shit.

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