Hmpf, I think I'll have to work on my object state machine stuff. The optimal version would be some sort of namespaced enum without having the module a part of the name. Same goes for the state transition as I'd like to not put the object module name in every call. Though this wouldn't be that bad. My main priority is to somehow avoid neding to type still during initialization. But I can't avoid this with C at all. If I want to identify something, I need an identifier. I though about abusing the implicit namespacing of structure elements so that I'll only need a single globalvariable to get state values. Well, it's not a very good solution and I'd rather prefer having constants at all. But if I used constants, I need to find some naming convention for quicker access via macros (requiring to used macros for definition, too), or I simply drop it once again let my write lots of things all the time. *sigh* This is one of the moments where I'd like to have a language expansion.

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