A general debug decision

I've decided to drop all checks for false data in objects and functions but only check the parameters and return values of used calls. Since every function will return some result to the user, it's easy to only call the function in the way they should. I just have so much left to do that I don't see a reason for pulling off that much wasted coding time. Instead, I'll implement a state machine later which safes a current state in each object. If new desired state transition is not valid, the function will debug-dump the false transition but continue everything else and evaluate in either true or false for further processing. I think this is a way better solution always checking a million of values. And if a function fails, it can simply reroll the state transition, it's that simple.

I'd really like to see the this buildin in a programming language, but I guess I'll to wait on this for some time. Atleast I can use my own C macros. These make C programming so much more nicer but still very effective.

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