Further thinking about my desired logging functionality revleaed that my µLIFO is kinda useless and that, once again, a simple array is more compatible. Atleast I had my fun with it. And I've seen a problem with logging in the way printf does it. My original idea was to just use a macro for that, but since I'm putting a log/journal interface inbetween, I have no choice using no variadic parameters. A real shame and I thinkg I'll simply create a macro for that. I don't know. I'll make every debug message as a couple of lock/unlock function and create a macro around it.

Sometimes I think all this stuff is not worth it. Then again it might related to the fact that I feel gray without the work on multitasking stuff. I think I'm gonna drop all the complexity of it and just let it be a simple printf call. That's way better than having to brainwash myself. So sometimes it's simply not worth realizing the first thought in your mind - whether it's a good idea or not.

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