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Awesome plan to solve my programming and bachelor ambitions: I'll use my game and all of it's technology with less features as a bachelor thesis and start documenting it right now. This way I'll have something properly documented to show off as a WIP project with certain technical completition status while functioning as a bachelor exposé at the same time, which I'll need to validate my bachelor thesis. Add some mockups and you got a win-win-win situation for all three goals: personal work, bachelor thesis and internship application. Plus a well-formed doxygen documentation showing what's already done, what's still to do and so on.

On a side note, I designed three awesome macros for my linked list system. Since I know that every way of iteration through lists can be done with a simple for-loop header. I've used this very often so far and it did serve me well. The macros I designed do two things at the same time: providing per-element code and an evaluated expression if a passed condition is true after an iteration. This condition can be related to the current element or whatever else, as well as the expression. Thus, filtering, moving, sorting, counting, alterating and whatever else is possible with it. I'm very happy about this find. However, the conditional expression is still an expression - one can't do endlessly complex stuff in it (sadly). But I don't intend to change it. If one wants to do more complicated stuff, he can do it manually. Oh and I should add a list macros for splitting lists, in time.

So I'm feeling much better today. Got great sushi and will now watch some nice Batman movide to round it off.

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