First try, hard fall

I'm quite confused about using Visual Studio's "New Project" possibilities. Normally, taking my Linux approach of course, I'd simply put all required libraries and includes into the compiler's directory stuff (lib, include and on Windows bin, too). But since it's Visual Studio on Windows and not Linux, I tried to follow a "guideline" for how to setup an OpenGL project using Visual Studio but quickly failed due to the fact that essentially all project types will add some that's not simple, plain C code. I didn't want to create a Windows GUI application or something else specific - just a plain project with OpenGL. After trying a so damn primitive and simple empty main function project, I was able to just do it the same way I'd due it under Linux: add libs to the compiler, include in source code and compile. Simple, clean, works! No damn extra layers, no extra functionality and no Windows compiler code stuff. Exactly the way I prefer programming. So yeah, it's up and running and I can and I got my small Computer Graphics assignment executable. That also means that I can now do the same with SDL and continue my roguelike raytracer when I find the time for it. I'm glad it's that simple. I know that there atleast projects for console applications with Windows-specific console commands, normal Windows targets with WinMain and event stuff as well as some rather very, very specific thingies I didn't really now know. I mean I don't care for Windows forms or DirectX. It's one thing to create a library or even custom language to do a task, but everything else... Well, let's just say I'm not that much into things work like a lot of custom Microsoft tech - and I doubt that I ever will...

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