F-Zero GX soundtrack

Didn't knew how awesome the F-Zero GX soundtrack. Don't own any F-Zero game but played the GX on a manga convention two years ago. It was a great experience, balancing focus and prediction to take one self further in proficiency. I think I played for an hour or two but there was no good audio out in the game room. So when I listed to the soundtrack today I was surprised how good and varied it was, with a lot of admittedly cheesy rock, electronic trance tracks and some completely off genres one would not expect there (most those specifically theming a driver). It's fun to listen and if you want to relax and wonder off into the useless worlds of science fiction racing games, this is perfect for you. It was for me atleast. Not as hard-trying as the 3D Sonic soundtracks but rather honest music that doesn't try to be overly cool or hardcore. Smooth and well-made in my eyes but I can't judge for the tracks to be good in game. However, grab it somewhere and give it a try, it's worth having heard one time.

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