Don't explain something if you can't express it correctly

Seriously, it's all about expressing it correctly. I was talking with my sister who is having an internship in a video game company as a concept artists and said she learned how those tree generator program work when inputting custom tree graphics and so on. Actually, the only thing she was able to state was they are taking the tree polygons and it's leave sprites and somehow generate something else 3D out of it. What great accuracy! It took me three tries to get something mildy detailed out of him. Still, what she described sounds rather like image analysation, which would surely be an effortless approach to this problem. However, it wasn't quite clear what she wanted to say with this due her lack of technical expression power. But still, humans always try to explain stuff to other cause they hope it'll be implicitely clear to them. I am not somehow beeing able to understand somehow if he doesn't express it in an exact manner. Call me whatever you want, I'm a purely logically thinking person who doesn't like implicit rules and, neither will I understand something with too much implicity in the whole system. Strangely, if I try to truly something to somebody, I'll dissect the facts and begin from the very atoms. And they fucking understand it if they're atleast a bit of smart. Think what you want, that I'm assy to due to that, an evil misanthrop or whatever else - I don't care and will never understand these rules of unknown implicity. One of the many reasons why I prefer interacting which other persons having atleast a bit of technical or mathematical knowledge. They tend to be way more compatible with my way of understanding.

And hell, who wants to talk with somehow about video game development who doesn't want to have something to do with video game development. I know why I usually don't speak to those, in a video game context I mean. It also explains my tendencies to like speedrunner cause those dudes usually need to know about the game mechanics and how one can (ab)use the system behind.

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