Why Borderland's ballistics suck

I haven't played Borderlands in a while (along with three unfinished DLCs) but since I wanted to play it with a friend via network, I figured it'd the best to play it once again and look whether I can safely playing without to rethink my choice to play as Mordecai. However, I was totally wrong. Haven't played so many great games with excellent ballistics, physics and proper flight curves in general, Borderlands simply sucks ass. I mean I can't even imagine how I managed to reach the end of the game with only pistols and sniper rifles. The bullet speed in general is simply stupidly slow and one can't make when a non-visible bullet like those from sniper rifles or shotguns will hit their target. You can only hope and shoot. This combined with the fact that EVERY enemy runs around like it'd be walk in the park makes it even less possible to properly snipe out targets. It's one thing hitting targets while they move, but a totally other if the bullet so slow, so small and the enemy's movement so spastic that noone will ever hit anything. Even my MP rifle bullets are faster - sniper rifle calibers are MADE to have high speed and flat trajectories! Simply stupid. I can't have fun using sniper rifles in this game! Instead, I'll choose a different build in our multiplayer run. If I'll choose Mordercai again, I'll a) use only the skills useful for all weapons, especially pistols and give the action skill a try (never really used it - couldn't get the hang of it. On the character selection side, Lilith is not an option, I simply endure playing her. And Brick is as dumb as he sounds. No benefit for my playstyle at all. Roland would be an interesting choice - lots of awesome damage and defense bonuses and we'll profit from his action skill. So sniping in this game died for me. Revolver on the other side seem to have the highest bullet speed ever. Personally, I prefer to with revolver or assault rifles. The rifles have atleast visible trajectory and no sway-away (another annoying thing which I'd be able to compensate very easy but combined the other shit stuff...). I mean really, what where these developers thinking. Pistol calibers are slow, rifle calibers are fast - everyone reading Wikipedia for research on the subject will know that... and I expect developers to atleast know the reality behind their concepts.

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