Useless perks in Skyrim

Oh I'm in such goddamn fucking rage mode right now! I mean if one would use and train Block, I'd say that you'd atleast get some reduced damage or faster reaction time (WITHOUT investing skill points) but I still have the same damage reduction as when I started. More annoyingly, using Block will slow you sowhat down that it's effectively impossible to avoid beeing quashed with multiple enemies. They'll swarm you, attack from everywhere you will never see them all in your limited FOV or even be able to react while blocking. I'd totally useless! I die as fast as if I'd use no shield but react a bit more quick. That's especially due to the fact that the only way to properly handle Bound Sword, conjuring a creature, Mage Armor, Healing AND a shield is to use a fuckload of hotkeys with the result that the shield is an item and you can't simply dual-wield your mage armor, dual-wield a conjuration and then equip your sword with a shield all together while maybe also needing to dual-wield heal yourself (not using the perk, two parallel heal spells) and thus doing all the shield/sword stuff again! Not using any shield, I could simply double-tap armor first, then double-tap conjure and/or double-tap my swords with a better general speedyness and flexibility. I have NEVER seen any enemy profitting from using a shield cause you can lock them down so quickly that they won't even have to have to land a hit but loosing life constantly! Fuck, it's already at 32 this moment and I can only see it as a total waste. Also, I believe that the mage armor doesn't correctly with it cause it's either light or heavy armor.

Geez, that's fucking, really. I can take down Master vampire with no problems at all without blocking but Block will leave you so unable to react, it's a shame to the balance. Well, I shouldn't blame the game or the developers. I know there are so many players having so many different styles while also having heard that a bunch of them use the shield to dead-bash all kinds of enemies. I'm not one of those and prefer highly offensive damage spamming. Therefore, I'll put more points into dual-wielding and conjuration to have my tactic perfectly matched. Too bad I can't also combine this will destruction spells like in Oblivion... Conjuring swords takes quite a long time and wanting to dual-wield them makes perfect offensiveness in the beginning but less damage for strategic fights where you'd need to heal yourself or get assistance from dead bodies (I love necromancy skills!). So I'll simply try it differently for the next progresses. But I can remember having problems with multiple enemies in my first playthrough, too. Mostly cause I didn't have enough mana for spamming fireballs and not enough power to take them down with a few sword hits. Whatever. Time will prove me right! Atleast I hope so. In every case, I now there are very powerful master mages in Oblivion and even at around level 50 I had to watch for their powerful attacks and their even more powerful shields. I wanna be one of those! But first I need to train a bit...

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