That annoying stuff in English

Sometimes, as a non-native English speaker, I use words in English as wrong as I once thought them right. Why I had them wrong in my head can be due to many reasons, but most of the time I simply didn't need them and will rarely do in the future. Today I had a personally embarrassing moment involving the differences between 'tell' and 'say'. While I wrote a friend of mine "don't say me you where doin xy" it is of course not correct cause I'm referring so some sort of story of process he told me but a some sort of fact or so. Anyway, 'tell' would've been the right verb, but 'say' is so damn stuck in my head, I can't actually think of something different right now. I know I use tell and say differently, but from person to person, there are not rarely those moments in which I'm simply doing mistakes though I probably know it better when thinking about it. I wasn't able to find anything about using 'say' as 'tell'. So I assume I read somewhere in the webs where stuff often goes wrong for whatever reason. And I'm feeling ashamed cause of that. I mean one day you're thinking everyone telling you about English grammar simply can't reach you but then you prove yourself more than wrong. I hate those situation but will by defaul never admit it cause due my sister's usual British English attacks. I'm also not fond of having to hear that I'll really learn those things when having longer non-text conversations with other English speakers. I mean what the fuck, I haven't actually talked with other English speakers in ages (except the few words during the first BIGJam) but I can still articulate myself properly enough. Personally, I'd rather have proficiency in certain areas of English chosen by myself the smalltalky way most others learned it. I don't plan to live somewhere where it's necessary to have all that shit in mind and I'm happy with beeing able to read and understand the technical and video game stuff as well as writing my own portion of content. If I remeber correctly, I even told my old english lecturer that I'm not even remotely a smalltalk dude and that my knowledge about English is no where near to be useful for non-argumentative, non-scientifical talk. Everything else I usually cover in cryptic third person sentences.

I still feel embarrassed about it. I know, we never stop learning, blabla, but those little difference I learned at the school were simply forgotton this moment I actually missed something during my education. However, I wasn't completely concentrated when writing it. I would've used a different sentence instead, beeing bend of sort to meet my typical way of forming responses. Darn, what am I talking about. There simply isn't any point to anyone at all except me. However, beeing able to completely avoid the use of it is not an easy task, judging from how I form sentences and how others do. I can't remember using those two words of concern aside from some very basic not-to-fuck-up. Actually, the method of talking in facts and conclusion rather than using usual sayings, verbs and nouns is one I prefer the most. It makes your mind and language clear in concept, yet full of associated circumstances and realizations. A friend of mine once told me that Russian is way more clearer and has more logic in it than English or German. I always wanted to learn it, but some things simply fail. *sigh*, so I'll never be able to experience it myself with paying money and learning the hard way. In the world of programming and video game, there's simply no time to differentiate between 'say' and 'tell'... Commands and threats get the job done as well! That's why clingons simply don't need anything else.

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