Some bad points about Dead Island

So I've played 40% of the main story and all side quests up to this point, too. I won't take back what I said about this game and I still find it an awesome days due to his rather unique experience. However, there are exactly two things extremely annoying right now at the moment which I somehow have to get rid of, mentally. First point is the absurd respawn rate of zombies. You'll notice that when tending speed up your walkings by running or simply when questing through all the tasks you can in an act. It's ridiculous how fast zombies respawn - just go back a few streets and you'll greet the same thugs again! That said, you can possible imagine how annoying it can become in a zombie-infested town with groups of 4 to 6 normal zombies and sometimes even two bigger, boss-like zombies between them. One simply can't clear anything but plan the shortest and most zombie-less route. I didn't have against it in the beginning cause there were only a few zombie packs. But now it becomes an obviously bad joke producing a certain fear of running into the wrong way cause, well, each group of zombie can kill you instantly if you don't watch out. It's anymore the fear of the zombies or their surprising attacks - it's the fear of thinking that an area cleared with suffering has to be cleared again, making any walk back a repetitive task. See, I know it's a zombie game, lot's of dead people coming out of everywhere and so on. I only wish to have it a bit less obvious in terms of respawning and atleast some variance of the spawn position and a respawn distance adjusted to meat the current surroundings. Since this is in any way tolerable with a good equipment and adjusted skills, there's a second problem simply driving me mad. The spontanous loss of items! One moment you're holding your fucking awesome upgraded fire machete and the other it simply disappear cause you were eating a mueslit bar! Why is the fuck is it suddenly disappearing and who in hell didn't correct this mistake already??? I wouldn't have a problem with that if it'd be only one weapon of the 10 I'm carrying (see, I'm playing Logan, the dude potentially only throwing his way through a zombie infestation). But this happened around three times to me on normal aways even more horrible, though not related the admittedly precious muesli bar, is the fact that you'll loose all the weapons you don't have in your inventory when dying. Sure, dying in a zombie terror situation is absolute and you'll lose more than this. But what the fuck is this game thinking by simply respawning me at the last checkpoint but not rerolling the inventory I had when approaching it? I mean you'll always leave your most precious weapons this way cause they do the most initial damage and can boomerang back to you for multiple uses in a row. My average damage was around 600, now I lost almost everything after dying in a ridiculous follow-this-asshole-to-a-quest-marker run. Sometimes you can also not pickup weapons lying under bodies, making it necessary to chop them to pieces - to bad if you need this weapon cause to give the almost-dead thug a last shot! Geez, what were these developers thinking! And now combine both negative points with small rooms and exploding zombies. I lost almost all my good items except the least good one and was forced to pick up the lastest garbage near, spending a chest of gold to upgrade it. Later I suddenly died on my own account, only to respawn infront of an exploding zombie, with now items left to kill him. Hopefully I once again found my least good axe from before and was somehow pleased to still have it - "good memories" and such. So I'm a bit pissed right now. I had so great weapons, all found in chests or got a quest reward in act one. Haven't got any good weapon in act two so far except from traders. I'll have to somehow refind it all again. That could be avoided by giving some more control about sudden deaths except instant respawning and weapon loss. Maybe some non-autosaving system the next time? Really, the developers should've used another system - whatever platform they initially designed it for.

However, the fighting thrill still persist and the game's difficulty is all about knowing your enemies and surroundings, as well as knowing what ways are relatively zombie-less. However, the game could really shine through everything if the minimal enemy spawn distance wouldn't be so ridiculous. Once you get into the hazardous area in the town, there's a spot where I can exactly predict that going back one step will trigger 4 or 5 fast-running zombie to attack you, no matter often you do it. It's simply stupid for the player. Sure, it is thought to be so dangerous, that you won't survive in there. But really, then one would simply place 100 zombies in there and not just spawn a few every time, right? Gentlemen, please - a bit of realism in your zombie game. Your damage model is so detailed and properly working, why can't you do this for the few love-needing parts, too? *sigh* They'll probably never change it (I mean it's the game's balance mechanic, you see...), so I'll have to cope with it. Still, I miss my lost weapons. They were so great, so full of damage and sparkles, so nice to play with. But now? Nothing, simply nothing to properly cut off a zombie head. Even the better weapons I found while recovering went missing cause of these shitty eat-and-your-weapon-could-disappear moments. Man, I want my stuff back. It felt so safe, carrying them - a feeling you'll rarely get in this game since nothing feels more unsafe than a free-range zombie apocalypse!

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