No more Stalker

Oh my god, I can't believe this. GSC Game World, the creators of the Stalker series layed off almost everyone now formerly working there and I don't really what to say or even think because they started to suppress everything about it and said they will give a statement on monday. According to rumors they either had problem finding a publisher for the console version of Stalker 2. However, I don't want to drown my mind in all that, but kicking everyone off the boat (no matter whether it's a sinking one or not) means no more Stalker game and the dispersion of a lot of developer. I can remember them having 80 employees or so - just imagine it, a studio you've respected for their work, completely vanished with from one day to another. Vanished is exactly that what's currently going on in my mind. Their Stalker games are an elementary part of my video gaming history and influenced my mind permanently. That they are now completely gone and that I'll never ever see the Stalker 2, not even in some buggy Alpha version or so will be on my mind for weeks! Oh man, this is so fucking depressing. Oh no man, don't think about it. Just don't think about. You'll make yourself cry and think the worst place ever can only be in your head. No good idea.

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