Nice one, does it work?

Some twiddling here, some twiddling there and the new ressource manager is ready to be tested. I haven't found any dangerous spots, no holes in the concept and most importantly compared to the previous ones, not parts that seem makes me thinking. The system seems clean, using three task pools possibly having a maximum of three occupied tasks for each ressource (or non if not needed). I hope it is working out. If not, I'll drop the concept and do something else. But since I don't feel disappointed about myself or angry about some libraries or so, it must be something I got right - otherwise I usually start to get a bad mood and want to be fixed, via one way or another.

I'll test tomorrow or this night, don't yet know. Looking at much I had to create just to get it done so far is rather stunning. I guess it's normal for somehow into multithreading to "invent" mechanics on-the-fly, but for me it's not. Good thing that I do now have a great elemental toolkit for other mechanics and modules/functions. However, multithreading will still be something very dangerous to me with many pitfalls and much needed time to plan and think about what one has actually done. I prefer single processing units after all. Way more controllable.

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