Minecraft's stupid game modes

One thing that really pisses me off about minecraft is that in survival mode, you'll loose all your items when you die. It's ok in survival mode, yes, but just think about when you're peaceful cause you WANT to gather your ressource instead of having them all the time like in creative mode. It's a good way to regulate my tendency to want to big things first, so my start is small and I get to have hooray moments when finding diamonds. I like this flow, but having collected multiple iron and redstone stacks along with 8 fucking diamonds, it's more than bitter to fall into lava under the next diamond. The way to get around is simple but requires discipline. And cause caves are huge and boring in time, I get unwary and will definitely prefer finding more stuff than finding my way back. Therefore, it's pissing me so off. Two hours underground, for nothing! Even worse, all my tools are gone, too, so I have to take another tour or different approach. And I don't want to mine systematically today. I'm sick of staring and walls and so on. Ya know what? I'll just dig a huge square til ground. That always works for sheer ressource gathering.

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