Minecraft 1.0

Oh boy, I currently joined Speeddemosarchive.com's Minecraft server (well, it's rather only a server where only SDA member may have access) and I really have to say that I enjoy the new 1.0 version. There are still horribly annoying bugs and double doors work even less than before, but I'm pleased to have those new features like abandoned mines and enchanting tables in it. I don't need to go up for getting wood, I can grow complete plant cultures underground and the finding in general became more interesting. However, I still think the overworld map generator is shit and that the older ones gave more interesting stuff except those nice biomes of course.

Anyway, it does again eat away my time (still have an assignment to do for tomorrow...) like any other game and am more than pleased to have spend 15€ when it was still in Alpha. Can't count how hours of playtime I spend on it. Definitely more than on other games.

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