First looks at Dead Island

Holy Hamilton, I'm in some kind of shock right now. First of all, Dead Island arrived yesterday and I played the first mission before goin to bed. It has a perfect start. You'll immediately learn that running into zombie masses brings you instant death if you're not careful in deciding what to do now. You feel weak, you feel vulnerable. You need a better weapon. And today I continued my long journey through this island and man, this game is bloody. The damage is very interesting. Each hit blunt weapons will damage a surface surface layer and break bones below. The more you punch your way through his body, you'll eventually end up with his guts and bones. Broken bone sometimes reach out of body and the according body part won't function anymore for the zombie. It's amazingly detailed and ugly at the same time. Sharp weapons on the other side either simply pierce the body - leaving a blood texture or puncture - or cut of limbs completely. This seems to work for individual bone joints, so it's certainly "free" in it's what you want to chip up. Besides it's technically great detail, IT'S FRIGGIN BLOODY. Oh man, I can't remember the last time I was so startled. You see them walk as broken and crushed as they are, with no fear but stumbling over the nearest lounger in their way. I rather feel sorry for them and this combined with the fact that some of them are actually more than crazy, climbing walls and wanting to kill me is extremely creepy in it's way. I had to stop playing a few minutes ago cause I can't play it that long in one session. I'm immersive, it's brutal and you'll want yourself to find all the stuff you need to survive. That, my fellows, is the ultimate zombie apocalypse experience. Really, I can't say how much this feels like a better zombie movie or comic. And holy shit, you'll even get more of it later when the shit totally starts to freak out with zombies swarm coming from everywhere, brutes ramming to hell and whatever not stuff might come out of the island. It's a hell of a game experience they created there and it's more than good work. It's definition of a zombie standard. If not saying that it is THE zombie game the world was waiting for. However, a few drawbacks like respawning zombies at know positions for example would theoretically bring the experience in every other game, but this one is so fucked up that it simply doesn't matter.

If you get the chance to, buy it. I can't think of any other game giving you such a great apocalyptics survival experience. I have to come down a bit until I can play it further, but I still hear it calling for me. Sounds like a promising long-time gaming experience.

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