every-year events and social gatherings

One of these moments where I notice how special and nerdy my head functions, is when New Year's Wve comes close. From a certain age on (I was around 12 or so I think), I started questioning most social gatherings, events and other days happening every year at almost the same time. And New Year's Eve is some so questionable that I wonder why it was even intoduced. What happends on this day is different from country to country, but almost always people start loud and colorful fireworks and do something together. Sure, alternating the daily routine with something different is something everyone needs, but I just don't get why exactly when a year is over. It's just a damn number incrementing! Nothing else! The same stuff could be done in summer, what matters is the cycle of year and my year usually restarts after or before summer, not after the winter season begins to cease. Ironically, here it Germany the month past December are always the coldest, so it becomes stupid over time to celebrate this day. However, it's one of these days where I'm usually at home, not doing any work. So I don't blame this coincidence or anyone else, but I simply don't understand why anyone would start celebrating these days. It's like christmas, one of these commercialized days that serve no real purpose but providing a high TV quota and mucho dineros for firework sellers. Additionally, people do stupid promises they want to keep the next year (atleast here in Germany) but never doing anything about them. It's like christmas - everyone pretends to become grateful and family-friendly, but noone really gives a shit behind the cover. It's surface only and that always pissed me off. Furthermore, christmas bases on a goddamn religion so inferior in influence compared to what dictatorship is was before that it wonders me why people don't think about celebrating something else instead or on other days. Most of the days to celebrate in Germany come from religious events in the past though mostly nobody knows what they meant to be and what relation they have now. Full of commercial fuckfests that it's almost creepy that nobody gives a damn about it. I still don't see any logical reason for why anyone except church tards would want to celebrate these days. Maybe it's dysfunctional in my head to not see the actual value besides free days and meeting with other people (which you can get in even more other days, too). Or is it the fixed date in the year anchored so deep in society that it can't simply disappear? I don't know. All I know is that I like to do spontanous celebration if I'm in the mood. And every-year events are so over-rated that I simply can't get any celebration mood out of them. Must be the misanthropic part of me.

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