Blocking in Skyrim

I was bored and started playing Skyrim again, building a character with all the others skills I didn't use before. That'd be quite some, though not all and I started to focus on Conjuration, Alteration, Block and Heavy Armor. Why Heavy Armor again? In my second playthroug I noticed that I'd get bonus for unarmed damage and combined with a Khajit it's +15 damage extra. So why not use a shield to block, fists to attack, Alteration to pimp your armor rating even more and Conjuration for support? Well, after trying to play such a character, either you get hit more often by armor (making it impossible to invest in magic while also wanting to push the shield) or you're using the shield too much (having the other problem). I NEVER got the rid out of blocking and attacking at the same time in Skyrim. In my first playthrough I simply used no shield because I didn't need it at all. Enough armor rating fit the offensive one-hand/destruction combination and I didn't really anything else but my bow, lockpicking and sneaking from time to time (well, sneaking and archery are always in). Smithing was thus of course my only defense and didn't have any problem with it. But the skills I used this time were simply too excluding to be useful. Alteration is mainly for giving you protection while having some other useful spells in it, too (one couldn't get the skill high enough without protecting). Thus, Heavy Armor will be increase 40, 60 and atlast 100 points, though you'll get such a high armor rating that it doesn't matter in the end. Additionally, a successful block prevents our armor skill from raising and will bring some heavy balance anomalies. So in any way it seemed that I simply chose a successful way the first and did now see how one still has to plan stuff to make a character fun and useful. Oh and I also invested in Restoration, another point bringing doubt in. The whole character should theoretically tank by all this protection but can't because it lacks skill point focus. One here, one there... Even the previously silly trolls can now tear my defense apart. I did better by leaving the block in the first place. I'm not the one for "training" for rats for block and armor skill increase. That's no playing to me but the same principle as grinding. So either I use no armor and block (cause there's skill increase loss when blocking often) or I go for armor and drop Alteration. Anyway, having armor sucks cause I WILL want to have and use smithing for that. I'd be rather happy to drop it completely and concentrate on other things, like my actual magic for example. And no smithing means also no fat custom weapons buy only the stuff one finds... Well, if I'll in any case use Conjuration too, I could also start fighting with conjured swords - I get training in one-handed, get training in Alteration AND Conjuration this way! Sounds viable to me. I'll still use sneaking (no heavy armor = more sneaky) but no bows at all (can let my conjurations do this). So I might now have a ranged weapon but I have an interesting combinations that would make use of almost all the skills I didn't use before. I'm a bit concerned about magic/health/stamina balance. I'll definitely not let my health go down, rather keep the previous 50/50 on health and magic with less stamina. Didn't need to use power that much at all except for dual-wielding attacks. Those are simply badass and I will be able to use them with double conjuration. So I think I found a better concept this time? I hope it really is like that cause I don't want to face this immortal frost troll again...

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